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  • Review of internal controls and accounting systems
  • Reports to management of any weaknesses
  • Suggested improvements.
  • Analysis of financial statements
  • Recommendations for enhancing performance
  • Assessment of financial and business opportunities and risks.

Our audit approach is based on the best modern practice ensuring that financial statements comply with statutory regulations and professional standards. Aiming at an effective and cost efficient audit, our audit plans are custom made and fully reflect each client’s own system and procedures.

About Us

We are a boutique firm established in 1955, providing audit, tax, business and consulting services that reflect your requirements. We are big and experienced enough to meet your needs and small enough to know your name.

Latest News

Our employees are the best guarantee that our customers see their objectives achieved. To uphold this tradition of professionalism, we choose only the best for our team.

Are you ready to become the next member of an amazing team?

We are proud to share with you the great success of Zoe Aristidou, a member of our audit team, who ranked 1st in Cyprus and 4th Worldwide, in the exams of Advanced Audit and Assurance of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA).

Our firm is experienced and big enough to deal with the biggest and most difficult challenges and small enough to do so with the personal service demanded by the close relationship we feel an auditing, accounting and advisory firm should maintain with its clients.

Kyprianides & Associates is a boutique firm established in 1955, providing audit, tax, business and consulting services. Our firm is founded on a value system that has set us apart from the competition.

Kyprianides & Associates is one of the oldest auditing and accounting firms in Cyprus. Set up by Kypros Kyprianides in 1955 the firm predates the establishment of the Republic and lists as its clients some of the oldest and biggest names from the Cyprus industrial and services sectors.