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Our Company

Kyprianides & Associates, is one of the oldest auditing, accounting and consulting firms in Cyprus. Set up by Kypros Kyprianides in 1955 the firm predates the establishment of the Republic and lists as its clients some of the oldest and biggest names from the Cyprus industrial and services sectors. Our firm is founded on a value system that has set us apart from the competition. We pride ourselves on the strong personal bonds, deep commitment and trust that allow our experience and knowledge to support and guide our clients through their needs and towards their goals.

As Auditors, Accountants and Consultants we deliver effective support to clients’ needs, identifying potential problems and reinvigorating existing practices and methods. We get things done with accuracy and with our clients’ growth vision always on our mind. We offer solutions and deliver the certainty and security our clients expect. We offer clients quality services from the smallest request to the most complicated global business transaction.

Our Team

The women and men leading our teams are among the most qualified and experienced in their fields. They are committed to our mission of guaranteeing each and every client personal director attention and the highest standard of professional service.

Our Clients

Our firm is experienced and big enough to deal with the biggest and most difficult challenges and small enough to do so with the personal service demanded by the close relationship we feel an auditing, accounting and consulting firm should maintain with its clients.

We act for large public companies and for private concerns – from the sole trader to the family business and the large corporations. We believe that audit forms the foundation of strong relationships with our clients, the starting point for planning and achieving growth. Our non-corporate clients include provident funds, trade unions, charities and associations who handle vast sums of money and for whom we offer the full range of financial advice. At the same time, advice to private individuals is an important part of our business.

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